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‘Live A World’ by seeing the world in seven minutes.

We aim to present how the locals perceive their home countries as well as an innovative perspective of how ones perceive the world.

This project focuses on making seven minutes videos introducing various nations around the world. Besides the general information, the content also shows different aspects of nations in depth. Various topics, such as breaking the stereotypes or rumours, students’ personal feeling towards their countries, cultural and controversial topics, etc., are as well included.

By viewing our website, interesting facts, better understanding and knowledge of the world can build in depth for the viewers. Therefore, our project will also help eliminate certain stereotypes towards different groups and countries.

The educational value of our project is significant for language learners. Similarly, it is an effective source for all viewers to expand their global view.

Simple English diction is used, and subtitles are made for three languages (Chinese, Spanish, and English) in order to make it understandable for a larger community other than us. As well as creating the potential of the videos for educational use in all ages.

All videos are uploaded on this website and YouTube Channel.

Please click here for our videos.


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